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Merry Christmas to All

Have you ever been invited to a birthday party for someone you really didn’t know? Did you attend anyway? Did you enjoy yourself, eat cake and cookies, and sing songs? Well, this guy called Jesus is having a birthday this month. It’s going to be a really big deal. Everyone is invited – even if […]

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Local Office Closing

Our office at 12 W Main Street in Centerburg, Ohio is closed. We will have our sign down and be out of the building by the end of September. Website hosting services will not be affected by this closure. Most business services will be suspended indefinitely as we have no availability M-F 8am -5pm. We […]

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Security is More than an Alarm

Alarm systems are a great crime deterrent when it comes to protecting your home or business spaces and the people in them, but an alarm notice is only as useful as the vigilance of the action plan it is part of. What does that mean? An alarm system is just a box that alerts you […]

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VoIP ROI in 12 Months or less!

Two great acronyms that go great together – VoIP and ROI. Analog and PRI models are outdated and costly. So much so that the investment in hardware that can support VoIP trunking can pay for itself in savings in just a few months. How many months, of course, depends on the type and size of […]

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Strengthen Your Passwords

Think that clever combo password you use all the time is good? You know the one I am talking about – ‘ABC123’ or is it your phone number and street? Think again. Every time processors shrink or computers get faster – the complexity of your passwords get easier to crack by hackers. For now 12 […]

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eWaste Disposal Event October 11, 2014

Time for Autumn cleaning and if you want to properly dispose if all those extra wires, cables, and other miscellaneous electronic devices – October 11th is the day to do it and help out the local school kids. Here is a link to the flyer with all the details. Not going to be able to […]

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6 Steps to Get You Back on Track

We seem to have passed from the age of rampant virus to malware madness. Malware and PUPs have a common goal – redirect and get your clicks. They have crafty ways to get you to unknowingly install them. A good anti malware program that is actively monitoring your internet connections is a modern day requirement. […]

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Time to Say ‘Good-bye’ to XP

For some it is a matter of security. For others is a compatibility with new programs. Or no support from a third party vendor. Whatever your reason – the time is right to upgrade your Windows XP PCs. They are the weak link in your PC network…

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April 8th – The Windows XP Deadline

In the original cartoon Calvin never stops making snowballs – he just knows that it is to his advantage to use them after he opens his gifts. The hacker is much the same. Exploits in Windows XP are patched by Microsoft soon after they are discovered by sending you an update. This support will end […]

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Virus, Malware, and Spam Protection

Here is something you may have already known: all supported versions of Windows OS have a built-in Firewall (Windows Firewall), and AV/Spam (Windows Defender) program. For all versions of XP you will have to go to and download it. If you have a router (a common household device nowadays) – it has a firewall […]

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